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The tips on keeping your footwear

You who are a Timberland fan know the value that a high quality footwear, For your Timberland boot, sneakers, or shoe to last for many years with the new look, you also have to take good care of it! timberland outlet, The cleaning and conservation of your shoes is essential for you to enjoy them to the fullest and the money you invested in it will yield more. timberlands boots, So, we'll give you the tips on keeping your footwear, with special emphasis on how to check out below tips for cleaning other types of footwear and dirt.
  First of all, it is important to remember that Timberland does not recommend the use of cleaning chemicals and is not responsible if shoes are damaged.

How to clean shoes smeared with oil and grease?
  In this case, the use of sandpaper, rubber crepe or pumice stones can be effective. timberland boots sale, This process works by removing fibers from the leather, so care must be taken not to create spaces without puffs and excavated.
  If the shoe has become rigid and rough, wipe a cloth moistened with paraffin oil. If the leather has become hard, wipe with a thin layer of Vaseline.
  If they get stained with water, wait for them to dry and rub vigorously with a cloth of wool. Then apply only colorless grease and polish.
Chamois should not be rubbed while wet. classic timberland boots, Leave to dry and then brush or rub fine sandpaper.


How to clean dusty shoes?
  Brush lightly or wipe with a soft dry cloth.
  How to clean slightly dirty footwear or with light mud stains?
  Remove with special brushes of hard bristles
  How to clean very dirty shoes?
In this case it is difficult to restore the appearance of the footwear. new timberlands, It is best to scrape the dirt glued lightly with a blunt knife and then wipe with a damp cloth, letting it dry naturally.


Timberland Leather Boots Conservation tips
  Plain leather shoes:
  Avoid getting your shoe in contact with chemicals such as beverages, detergents, etc ... This can cause irreversible blemishes.
  Do not use chemicals to clean shoes, just wipe them with a damp cloth and gently, as dirt particles can damage the leather. timberlands for cheap, Then use a dry flannel for polishing.
  Avoid wetting it and, if this occurs, remove excess water with a clean, dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally in a shady, airy place, otherwise shoes may suffer damage to the leather and its structure.
Grease the shoes with a quality mousse in its original color, at least twice a month. buy timberland boots, This mousse should be applied over the entire surface of the footwear by polishing with a soft cloth or brush, in quick and light movements.

Shoes with varnish or synthetic materials:
Remove dirt or stain by wiping lightly with a thick bristle brush.